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One of the biggest challenges system integrators face is delivering value across the cloud journey at a speed and scale that generates positive returns for both the partner and the client. UnifyCloud’s CloudAtlas addresses all aspects of cloud migration via a single unified solution. It automates previously manual tasks, accelerates analysis and presents assessments in a way that is easy to understand and communicate to all stakeholders. This simplifies the process, reduces complexity, and accelerates cloud migration and real digital transformation.​​

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Just as the cloud enables new levels of efficiency, CloudAtlas does so too by automating previously manual tasks - conducting analysis in minutes, not months; providing code-level guidance; automating code changes; auto-generating landing zones, and more! Let CloudAtlas help you with expert, data-driven analysis so you can conduct more assessments in less time and focus your efforts on value-added services that help your business stand out in the marketplace.

CloudAtlas helps you discover new ways to innovate by assessing infrastructure and identifying all cloud options, showing you all the possibilities along with required tasks, level of effort and costs. The depth and detail of CloudAtlas analysis gives partners and their clients a complete view of all opportunities, often creating new awareness with insights that help them choose the right approach to take their business to the next level.

The cloud journey doesn't stop at migration, and neither does CloudAtlas. It automates management and optimization of on-premises, hybrid and cloud environments, enabling organizations to react quicker to the marketplace to scale up or down, optimize utilization and costs, and get the most out of their cloud implementation. These capabilities can be delivered as a managed or value-added service depending on your organizational objectives.

UnifyCloud is fully focused on enabling partners to conduct migrations faster. That mission is built into the DNA of CloudAtlas, a platform that automates manual tasks, simplifies analytics and data presentation, and guides the entire cloud journey so you can make the best use of your human and technology resources to drive your and your clients' business forward.

Why CloudAtlas​?​

CloudAtlas assesses infrastructure, VMs, apps, databases and more in just minutes to present all cloud options to guide decision-making, strategy and planning. Once a strategy is developed, CloudAtlas helps you modernize and migrate with code-level guidance, automated code changes, dependency analysis, workload prioritization, migration wave planning, automated landing zones and more. Once in the cloud, CloudAtlas can monitor your environment to optimize utilization, security, GRC, costs and help identify additional opportunities for migration and modernization.​

With a decade of experience assessing billions of VMs, apps and databases and enabling thousands of cloud migrations, UnifyCloud has built the CloudAtlas platform to deliver fast analysis, expert guidance and seamless digital transformation.​



Over 1,000,000 VMs, applications and databases analyzed from 3,500+ assessments



Millions of lines of code, schema, objects, and tables scanned in minutes, not months



50%+ TCO reduction (on average) from on-premises to the cloud

What CloudAtlas can do for you

Assess your existing infrastructure, apps and data platforms in just minutes to identify all your cloud options and determine the optimal path to the cloud. Build your cloud migration strategy on this solid foundation and migrate to the cloud with confidence.
Just as there are many paths to the cloud, there are many cloud adoption frameworks. UnifyCloud is expert in the most proven cloud adoption frameworks that bring together cloud adoption best practices and the tools, guidance and narratives that cloud architects, IT professionals and business decision makers need for their cloud migration to achieve desired business outcomes.
Use CloudAtlas to understand your current environment and develop a cloud migration strategy tailored to your needs. Utilize that strategy to develop a plan to get you to the cloud in a timely, cost effective, and secure way. We’ve got you covered – from a straight-forward lift and shift to a full modernization. Use workload prioritization and migration wave planning to manage your migration – from moving cloud-ready applications and databases, to migrating specific application components or services while re-factoring takes place.​
In a fraction of time a manual assessment would take, CloudAtlas provides expert and accurate analysis for PaaS and IaaS migration for optimal strategy development and planning. CloudAtlas static code analysis analyzes and assesses cloud readiness, migration options, remediation recommendations, level of effort and testing against enterprise technology controls and policies. Automation delivers results in minutes, not months, providing fast and accurate analysis to let you focus on the right strategy and planning for your digital transformation.
But it doesn’t stop there. With CloudAtlas Code Assist, you can automate as much of the code, schema and table changes as you want with side-by-side comparison of old and new code to further accelerate the modernization process, decreasing remediation time by 80% or more!
Software and workload dependencies are what make infrastructure work, creating a harmonious operational symphony. But they can be a hurdle for agile development because they can make it more difficult to deploy, update and migrate applications to the cloud. With dozens or hundreds of dependencies, it is important to map those dependencies to ensure you have identified all the components you must migrate to ensure your application performs in the cloud. CloudAtlas identifies all dependencies and uses this data to prioritize and group workloads for phased migration​
Scalable migrations start with a solid foundation. A landing zone sets up your cloud environment for security, governance, networking, and identity management, enabling migrations and greenfield development that considers all platform resources required to support an application portfolio. CloudAtlas landing zones are auto-generated, pre-provisioned environments that serve as the foundation for successful cloud migration, providing a stable place for workloads to run and a framework to scale.
CloudAtlas takes an architectural approach using design principles to enable effective construction and operationalization of landing zones at scale aligned with user requirements and best practices. Whether you are starting from scratch or have an existing cloud environment, the landing zone is configurable to support evolving business requirements, securing workloads while you scale and innovate.
Make sure your cloud implementation delivers the performance and cost-saving benefits you seek. With a cloud strategy and plan in place, conduct a smooth and seamless migration, minimizing costs, downtime and disruptions with CloudAtlas while making sure your workloads are fully optimized for the cloud to ensure cost efficiency and security. Whether it’s a straightforward lift and shift or a more sophisticated modernization, CloudAtlas simplifies and accelerates the process, guiding you to make smart decisions that set you up for success in the cloud.​
Companies today are confronted with a challenge of balancing security and IT resources with demands for remote work. Enabling secure and scalable access to corporate resources can help you keep business moving forward. Realize benefits of the cloud by integrating your virtualized environment with Azure. Seamlessly run, manage, and secure applications across your virtualized or VMware environment and Azure with a common operating framework. Migrate workloads from your on-premises environments, deploy new virtual machines, and take advantage of Azure services. Maximize cost saving and modernization opportunities by using CloudAtlas analytics to guide the effort.
With temperatures and sea levels rising, most organizations are seeking ways to mitigate environmental impacts and the cloud can help you reduce the carbon footprint of your infrastructure by up to 98%!* But emissions from IT infrastructure can be difficult to measure with so many inputs – hardware to power, physical space to manage, and the large supply chain involved. CloudAtlas can provide insights into the environmental impacts of on-premises infrastructure and how a cloud-based environment can reduce carbon footprint. A CloudAtlas Sustainability report provides a comprehensive view of the carbon emissions of your infrastructure with consideration for different compute and storage requirements across several on-premises and cloud hosting scenarios. This analysis allows you to compare options and see how your carbon footprint can be reduced, with impacts shown in metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent and the acres of forest needed to absorb the extra emissions by remaining on-premises.
In today’s world, hardware, software, and users can be anywhere at any time, and managing IT security has never been a bigger challenge, meaning we need to change the way we approach cybersecurity and risk. CloudAtlas provides a comprehensive evaluation of deployed cybersecurity technologies, cybersecurity risk management policies, and processes utilized. This cybersecurity capability analysis follows the Zero Trust Model and provides insight into the O365 and Azure Secure Scores to help you create an actionable improvement plan with regular refreshes to deal with new threats and to track your cybersecurity capability over time, evolving your practices to better protect your business
The business world is beginning to seize the opportunities presented by Artificial Intelligence. CloudAtlas can help with an Azure OpenAI Impact Assessment that helps users understand AI capabilities, identify AI use cases, and put in place an AI proof of concept and solution. These solutions can be built around the many capabilities of generative AI, including question answering, intent recognition, summarization of complex information, sentiment analysis, translation, key phrase and entity identification, ontology modeling, semantic search, alert and notification generation, automated code development, code documentation, computer vision object detection and recognition and more! Use CloudAtlas to take your clients cloud environment to the next level using Azure OpenAI.

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Partner Benefits

UnifyCloud partners get access to CloudAtlas and a multitude of other benefits:

  • Access to the Award-winning CloudAtlas platform​
  • CloudAtlas training and certification​
  • Shadow engagement(s)​
  • Leads from Microsoft, UnifyCloud and other sources​​
  • Access to Sales and Marketing resources, collaborative collateral and events​​
  • Exclusive Partner pricing​
  • Deal registration​​
  • Dedicated support from a Business Development Manager and Technical Program Manager​​

Partnerships, Awards and Achievements 

UnifyCloud was born in the cloud with the development of the CloudAtlas platform to facilitate rapid adoption, secure deployment and effective management of workloads and custom applications to the Microsoft cloud. UnifyCloud services and the CloudAtlas platform span the entire cloud migration journey – infrastructure assessment, app and data modernization, dependency analysis, migration planning, landing zone creation, workplace modernization, and management of cost, security, governance, risk and compliance in the cloud.​

UnifyCloud is a Microsoft Solutions Partner in multiple solution areas with several specializations. Our extensive background and experience with Microsoft has helped us receive Microsoft Partner of the Year honors the last three years​ ​


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