CloudAtlas enables a range of application modernization services incorporating best practices, enabling companies to extract maximum value from existing applications by modernizing to the cloud.
app modernization with azure

Discovery and Assessment

CloudAtlas assesses legacy applications providing intelligence and guidance to guide development of a modernization strategy and plan.

app modernization azure

Application and Data Modernization

Reimagine your applications to take advantage of modern web application, data and cloud platforms and other transforming technologies.

application migration

Remediation Guidance

CloudAtlas code-level analysis and recommendations provide the information needed to enhance applications to operate effectively in the cloud.

web application modernization

Microsoft and Google Cloud Migration

Efficiently move your applications and data to the cloud of your choice with automated dependency analysis and landing zone creation using application-based solutions.

CloudAtlas helps you identify the best path to the cloud

Pre Modernization Analysis


Redeploy as-is to

>>App Modernization>>


Minimally after to take
better advantage
to cloud


Materially alter/decompose
application to server


New code written with



CloudAtlas Application Modernization

Data-driven analysis and recommendations in phases:​
app modernization microsoftPlanning

Gather information on your infrastructure background Identify engagement plans and goals

data modernizationData collection

Inventory software and hardware assets Inventory, usage, and interdependencies

cloud modernization consultingData analysis

Review and validate all collected data. Review your current environment and map it to an optimized environment based on your goals

cloud modernizationFinal recommendations

Present our results, recommendations, and next steps through an overview presentation and detailed set of reports

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