Industry : Insurance

Geography : APAC

Solution : Optimization

The Customer

Life Insurance Group


With a single on-premises datacenter the company recognized the growing problem it was facing regarding cost, scalability and disaster recovery. They wanted to modernize their workloads to the cloud to reduce the overhead and improve business innovation that wasn’t possible with the current datacenter.


With a security-first mindset, CloudAtlas was used to perform an exhaustive assessment of the company's infrastructure. This analysis was used to develop targeted recommendations for cloud migration. The client selected one app to modernize as a proof-of-concept. With the help of CloudAtlas' rapid assessment and code-level remediation guidance, this proof-of-concept Azure PaaS and SQL MI modernization was executed in just 22 days. Following the proof-of-concept, the company implemented a broader migration strategy for the remaining 82 applications.

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A total of 83 applications were assessed and identified for migration with the first modernization occurring within 10 weeks. Thanks to the CloudAtlas platform, the customer was able significantly reduce assessment timelines and expedite the modernization and migration process.


Reduction in overhead resulting from migration

22 Days

Proof of concept app modernization completed in just over three weeks


Three-year datacenter cost reduction