Cloud migration is not a once and done event.
It requires ongoing monitoring, maintenance and reporting.

Cloud Governance Insights

of organizations are moderately to extremely concerned about cloud security
of organizations experienced a public cloud related security incident in the last 12 months
Increased profit for organizations with good IT governance vs. those with inadequate governance
Getting to the cloud is just the start of your new cloud reality. Once in the cloud, you need to maintain and manage your environment to make sure it is safe, secure, compliant and cost-effective.

As you know by now, cloud operating environments are dynamic and are constantly evolving with frequent enhancements. New features and capabilities will need to be evaluated against budgetary, security, and regulatory requirements. And your risk management controls may require tedious adjustments.
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That’s where UnifyCloud comes in.
  • • We provide integrated dashboards for managing Cybersecurity, Compliance and Costs across Azure subscriptions.
  • • Our cost dashboard provides resource optimization for VMs, SQL, and all Azure resources allowing you to manage costs with snoozing and rightsizing functionality and recommendations, controlling workloads against budgets, security standards and regulatory baselines such as GDPR, ISO, SOX, and PCI.
  • • Our tools include Azure Security Center, Operations Management Suite and DevOps frameworks for actionable insights. Security controls are updated as threats, regulations and underlying Azure services continuously evolve, GDPR assessments are available, and we continuously monitor and update all Azure 700+ configuration settings
  • • Our processes focus on value delivery, resource optimization and risk minimization.

Utilize UnifyCloud’s Managed Cloud Services

With Managed Cloud Services, you no longer have to budget the time, effort, and/or hardware expense to build your own solution. Instead, you can accelerate your move to a cloud platform, allowing for improved service levels and faster growth. UnifyCloud lets you focus on growing your business, and not the cloud; it’s our job to make your cloud a success. We provide you with an infrastructure that scales as you grow, providing you with the necessary IT resources, security and the 24×7 uptime and availability you demand.

We let you grow your cloud without worrying about security, uncontrolled spending, and rightsizing and optimizing infrastructure. We focus on the Cloud so you can focus on your business.

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Benefits of Good Governance

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Better business alignment
  • Increased cloud adoption
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved services integration
  • Lower risk profile
Avoid these risks of poor governance
  • Misalignment against corporate objectives
  • Policy exceptions
  • Delayed projects
  • Compliance and/or regulatory infractions
  • Cost overruns
  • Elevated risk profile