Industry : Real Estate

Geography : United States

Solution : Modernization

The Customer

Commercial Real Estate Company


With an on-premises system costing them more than $250K per month and a datacenter lease set to expire, the company desperately needed to modernize its data strategy and wanted to take advantage of the benefits of cloud migration.


The SI partner used UnifyCloud's CloudAtlas platform to perform a deep scan on the client’s IT infrastructure and get a technical baseline of cloud readiness and cloud migration options. Using infrastructure data from Movere, CloudAtlas identified a total of 286 servers for migration. With more than 260 compliance and security issues identified in the current environment, CloudAtlas mapped the client’s existing servers to Azure divided into phases for security, networking, and monitoring services, outlined the projected total costs associated with the migration, and addressed the compliance and security issues.

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The recommendation was to migrate 134 applications in five migration phases. Projected investment over 3 years of $4.3M, a 50% savings over on-premises


Cost savings vs. previous infrastructure


Expense saved with additional cloud optimization

7 Weeks

Migration plan delivered in XX days

apps & VMs

134 applications and 332 machines fully migrated in less than 8 months