Not taking full advantage of the real strategic value of the Cloud?
Or maybe you’ve moved to the Cloud and aren’t realizing the cost benefits you expected?
Let UnifyCloud do the heavy lifting. Our cloud experts will proactively monitor, optimize, maintain, ensure availability and improve performance of your cloud environment
infrastructure assessment

Management and Optimization

As cloud experts, we understand the challenges and complexities of the cloud; it is our goal to accelerate and simplify your organizations’ transformation to maximize benefit and minimize risk.

Our optimization services allow you to operate in the cloud with confidence without the burden of dedicating resources to maintenance or support. UnifyCloud will create and manage a scalable cloud infrastructure which we fully support, manage and monitor on your behalf, ensuring peace of mind, security, and cost efficiency.

cloud migration tool

Create baselines to ensure governance, security and compliance (GRC) for applications in the cloud

office 365 reporting tool

Accelerate and Optimize Development

Using Managed Cloud Services, you no longer need to budget the time, effort, and/or hardware expense to build your own solution. Instead, you can accelerate your move to a cloud platform, allowing for improved service levels and faster growth. UnifyCloud lets you focus on growing your business, and not the cloud; it’s our job to make your cloud a success. We provide you with an infrastructure that scales as you grow, providing you with the necessary IT resources, security and the 24×7 uptime and availability you demand.

We let you grow your cloud without worrying about security, uncontrolled spending, and rightsizing and optimizing infrastructure.