UnifyCloud can identify the gaps in your cloud security position and provide a
roadmap for improvement.
Security Needs are at an All-time High

Cloud security is an ever-evolving framework.
Do you know how well-prepared your infrastructure is?

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Security Assessment

The first step is taking a baseline maturity evaluation of security infrastructure in place through a series of surveys and an assessment leveraging the CloudAtlas platform. The resulting output is a comprehensive report comparing the existing controls of your on-premises and cloud environment against established control frameworks including Zero Trust, NIST, CIS and more. This also includes numerous regulatory baselines such as GDPR, ISO, SOX, and PCI.

A roadmap for cloud security improvement

The baseline assessment analyzes capabilities and identifies gaps and redundancies to guide optimization of your security capability, decrease the overall cost to secure your environments and reduce the potential of a breach. These opportunities range from priority recommendations with quick win opportunities to basic, foundational, and organizational controls improvements. UnifyCloud can tailor this plan based on your organization size and industry.

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A Clear Path Forward

With improvement opportunities identified, a tactical phased approach can be formed starting with low-effort changes and moving on to more critical workloads. UnifyCloud can provide consulting on this process while you conduct this effort internally or with a qualified partner.

Security Monitoring

CloudAtlas utilizes the initial assessment as a baseline to track improvements and manage the enhancement of your cloud security program over time. When managed by UnifyCloud, we work to keep your environment as secure as possible, letting you focus on managing your business. This functionality scales as you grow, supplying you with the necessary IT resources, security and 24×7 uptime and availability you demand.

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The UnifyCloud Security Journey

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Step 1

Gather data and conduct assessment of your IT environment

best cloud security tools

Step 2

Identify cloud security capabilities, gaps and redundancies

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Step 3

Develop a plan and prioritize recommended changes

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Step 4

Take action to create a more secure environment

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Step 5

Manage and measure cloud security protection

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