Industry : Healthcare

Geography : United States

Solution : Cybersecurity

The Customer

Healthcare Provider


After a recent data breach, this Fortune 500 healthcare provider wanted to upgrade and optimize its cybersecurity. A new CISO was brought on to make it a top priority and the board requested a detailed assessment of the solution's effectiveness and ROI.


UnifyCloud worked with the company's SI partner to perform IT Asset Management (ITAM) scans of the company's infrastructure using the CloudAtlas platform. This determined the types of assets and resources running in the environment, mapping the identified assets to a cybersecurity capability catalog and a Security Framework. This structured approach enabled the CISO to identify security gaps and duplicate security capabilities. The solution was to terminate redundant licenses and harvest those savings to reinvest into capabilities to close the security gaps.

"With the CloudAtlas analysis, we were able perform regular security assessments and generate status reports the CISO could share with leadership and the Board of Directors."
- UnifyCloud partner
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Regular capability assessment reports were generated using CloudAtlas to provide a view of the security solutions in place, identifying gaps and providing recommendations based upon the company's needs. CloudAtlas also tracked security improvements over time, weighing them against the established baseline to quantify the effectiveness of improvement efforts.

Identified gaps in security control capability to be addressed

45% First-tier security control capability

65% Second-tier security control capability

3% Third-tier security control capability