Identify and Transform​
AI Workloads with CloudAtlas​

CloudAtlas evaluates existing and potential AI applications and workloads to identify opportunities to leverage AI processes and services in the cloud to drive innovation.

Make the Most of AI Services in the Cloud with CloudAtlas

Are you looking to transform workloads to the cloud to take advantage of cloud AI capabilities? CloudAtlas simplifies and speeds the process by identifying where and how environments are making calls to AI or are using large amounts of data and other AI accelerators. It uses these insights to recommend how these applications and processes can be optimized, identifies the best AI chipset and hardware configuration to best leverage AI, better utilize existing or incorporate new cloud AI services to develop new applications and processes to automate manual tasks, improve decision-making, provide personalized experiences, and more.

Just a Few of the Many Cloud AI Use Cases Enabled by CloudAtlas :


Automated ​Customer Support

Enhance customer satisfaction with AI-powered virtual assistants streamline customer support processes, handle routine inquiries, and speed resolution.

natural language

Text Analytics with Natural Language Processing (NLP)

AI algorithms based on NLP processes text data to understand context, identify key entities, and extract sentiment to tailor support actions.​

Speech Analysis

Voice and Speech Analysis

Analyze the tone and language from voice interactions to determine customer satisfaction to craft customized responses to improve the customer experience.

Predictive ​Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Leverage AI algorithms to analyze historical sales data, market trends, and more to predict product demand to improve inventory management, inform sales campaigns, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Data Driven

Data-driven ​Decision Making​

Process large, often unstructured, datasets to extract insights to inform decision-making across different business functions to enhance strategic planning and stay ahead in a competitive market.

Process ​ Automation

Process ​ Automation​

US AI-powered workflows to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks – data entry, invoice processing, or employee onboarding, etc. – to reduce errors and increase the speed of operations.

Before this can happen, applications must be modernized to leverage the power of AI services available in the cloud. That’s because legacy applications are often monolithic in scale which makes them difficult to change and integrate with newer services, including AI. Modernizing these applications to modern architecture like microservices allows organizations to make them more agile and adaptable and ready to take advantage of AI services. ​

Understanding the Benefits of AI

Azure AI is a robust set of tools and services that enable developers to build AI-powered applications quickly and efficiently



The cloud enables scaling AI workloads up or down as needed, allowing them to easily handle changes in demand.

Cost Savings​

Cost Savings​

By migrating AI workloads to the cloud, you can reduce infrastructure costs and only pay for resources used.​

Improved Performance​

Improved Performance​

The cloud provides access to powerful services and capabilities that can help improve the performance of your AI workloads.​

How CloudAtlas Can Help​

UnifyCloud designed the CloudAtlas platform to simplify and accelerate the process of transforming applications, databases and workloads, including those with AI, to the cloud. With CloudAtlas, you can:

Identify and Analyze Your Workloads

CloudAtlas scans environments to identify AI workloads and provides recommendations on how those workloads can be improved by moving to the cloud. It then prioritizes and plans the transformation of the best candidate workloads.

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Migrate AI Workloads Quickly and Easily​

CloudAtlas helps you migrate AI workloads quickly and easily, so you can start taking advantage of the enhanced benefits of AI in the cloud right away.​

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ai one

Identify Opportunities for AI Integration​

CloudAtlas uses infrastructure metadata to identify where you can incorporate AI into environments to accelerate business transformation and success.​​​

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