Based on a deep understanding of your technical requirements and business goals, we manage, operate, and monitor your cloud environment and let you focus on your business, UnifyCloud’s managed services bring you reliability, scalability, optimization, and business agility.

Our experts help create you custom plan, ensuring maximum uptime and security at a cost you can manage. Get more done in the cloud with our Managed Services.

Leverage our Expertise and Experience

Our comprehensive suite of managed services allows you to focus on your core business, while relying on UnifyCloud as your single point of accountability for IT infrastructure and cloud management. Without skilled and experienced cloud operations teams, the benefits of the cloud are often not realized or are sometimes even negative. Our specialized skills in cloud management allow you to realize the benefits of a cloud or hybrid environment, while maintaining security, visibility, reliability and agility.

Improve the effectiveness of your Cloud operations

Your business can get more done with the help of Azure Managed Services. Our managed services make it easy to build and manage business-critical applications in the cloud—cost effectively, efficiently, and securely—without worrying about uncontrolled spending, rightsizing cloud infrastructures, reducing waste, or ensuring security. We understand the challenges and complexities of the cloud journey; it is our goal to empower businesses and let them focus on their strengths. Let us help.

Focus on your Business;
Not on the Cloud

We focus on the day-to-day optimization and management of your public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid environments so that you can innovate and grow without worrying about the cloud.

Our comprehensive suite of services has you covered. We empower you to shift your focus, and resources, to business objectives instead of the cloud.

Key Points

Architecture Design & Platform Maintenance

Monthly monitoring and reporting

Monitoring of CPU, Memory, Storage and more for cost optimizations

Create Security and Compliance (GRC) baselines to ensure security and compliance for applications in Azure

Track changes with audit logs

Alert & Trigger based notifications

24 hour support response

Find out how UnifyCloud’s Managed Cloud Services can help your business