Industry : Technology / IT

Geography : United States

Solution : Modernization

The Customer

Independent Software Vendor


With growth of its business, this ISV was concerned about the risk presented by their on-premises databases and lack of disaster recovery processes. Assuming that upgrading the on-premises infrastructure wouldn't eliminate these problems, they were considering a lift and shift cloud migration.


A UnifyCloud partner used the CloudAtlas platform securely scan and analyze the company's 3 applications and 1,600 databases at the code and schema level. Using a custom SQL script within CloudAtlas, they collected all SQL data for the databases while adhering to the company's strict security requirements. Using this secure discovery data, the a CloudAtlas assessment and cost analysis was conducted to provide detailed insights into the different IaaS and PaaS Azure services available.

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CloudAtlas analysis showed that PaaS presented significant savings over an IaaS lift and shift migration, modernizing 3 custom-built .NET apps and 1,600 associated databases to a SQL Elastic Pool app server. Had the company pursued its original plan, it would have spent 90% more and missed out on the myriad benefits of a PaaS migration.


Savings identified by CloudAtlas for PaaS vs. IaaS migration

10 Weeks

From assessment to start of Azure migration