Make sure your cloud implementation delivers the performance and cost-saving benefits you seek.

Ready to take the next step? We use our assessments and analysis to help you determine the best path to the cloud based on your needs and budget. Already have a plan? UnifyCloud can step in after the planning stage to make sure your Azure migration goes smoothly, ensuring you are set up for success in the Cloud.

The cloud strategy and plan now determined, our team of cloud architects works with you to make the migration process go smoothly, minimizing costs, downtime and disruptions with our managed migration service. We also make sure your applications fully optimized for Azure to ensure cost efficiency and security.

Whether it’s a straightforward lift and shift or a more sophisticated modernization, our solutions are designed to simplify and accelerate the process. And our team is well versed in the numerous paths to the cloud and can guide you to make smart decisions that set you up for success in the Cloud.

Confidently migrate your applications, data, and ​infrastructure to Azure
And don’t forget, cloud migration isn’t a once-and-done event. It’s a process.

Applications must be monitored during and after migration to give your application owners and IT team visibility into the underlying cloud services, and whether the settings and other risk management controls are appropriate and in line with enterprise needs and industry standards. ​

  • Risk management controls for cloud-based applications.
  • Applications that are developed and monitored against consistent standards and controls.
  • Security controls that are closely managed and constantly updated to keep pace with cloud evolution and new cloud services.
  • Ongoing monitoring of cloud operations costs, application compliance monitoring, and ongoing remediation and optimization of cloud environment.
  • At-a-glance compliance insights to enable instant confirmation of the compliance status for all the services provisioned.
  • Monitored service settings to make it easy to manage the settings for all cloud services against the enterprise controls and standards.
  • Enterprise-level monitoring that enables visibility and drill-down capability to address risk management issues. 
  • Tools for cloud infrastructure management to monitor all the important control aspects of your apps, data, and infrastructure in the cloud.
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