CloudRecon creates a cloud migration strategy and Cybersecurity assessment by conducting a deep scan on your IT infrastructure, producing recommendations on which applications should migrate to the Cloud (SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS), and the road-map behind it. CloudRecon is capable of providing TCO estimates and can validate the move to the cloud.

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In a fraction of time a manual assessment would take, CloudPilot accurately determines Azure PaaS & IaaS migration costs and provides detailed recommendations, down to the line of code, on what code changes need to be made for the application to run in the Cloud. CloudPilot assists in the initial assessment of the Cloud migration effort and in development planning, in the re-factoring process by offering detailed code-level changes for the Cloud, and in the final testing against enterprise technology controls and policies.

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Once your applications are in the cloud, CloudSupervisor provides detailed monitoring and reporting across all Azure Subscriptions: Cost, Security & Compliance for IaaS and PaaS. Provide rightsizing recommendations for IaaS VMs and PaaS services. CloudSupervisor gives you deep visibility into the nderlying Cloud Services and whether the settings and other risk management controls are in line with industry standards or your enterprise definitions.

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With a focus on Cost Control, Cybersecurity, and Compliance (GRC), CloudOrigin is designed to be your authoritative source of revision control, representing the underlying Cloud Services settings repository and Cloud knowledgebase that underpins the CloudAtlas® suite. Cloud Services are constantly changing, and CloudOrigin is kept current with the CSP changes allowing you to drive best practices across your organization.

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