Transforming the Cloud Migration Journey is what we do​

UnifyCloud developed the CloudAtlas platform to automate some of the most difficult, arduous and time-consuming cloud migration tasks. We make this platform available to partners and clients to allow organizations to simplify and accelerate the cloud migration journey.

Cloud Solutions

Reducing the complexity and risk associated with self-service technology, UnifyCloud's cloud solutions guide you through the entire cloud migration journey, using our proprietary tools to accelerate that journey.

Cloud Strategy
& Planning

We can help you understand what it takes to move to the cloud by conducting a detailed assessment of your infrastructure providing a deep analysis of your cloud readiness as well as your different cloud migration options – from a simple lift and shift to a full-service cloud migration or even application modernization.
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Building upon our assessment of your infrastructure, our experts can guide you through the migration process, ensuring that your cloud implementation performs as expected and delivers the performance and cost-saving benefits you seek.
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Let us do the heavy lifting. Our cloud experts will proactively monitor, optimize, maintain, ensure availability and improve performance of your cloud environment
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Cloud Governance
& Security

We help ensure your cloud implementation maintains security and compliance maintenance goals. Our tools include certifications, accreditations, and continuous auditing that makes sure your virtual environment is secure and grounded with SaaS subscriptions.
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Introducing The CloudAtlas Cloud Migration Platform

cloud migration planning
CloudAtlas is the first and most complete platform designed to make the journey from on-premises to the cloud fast, easy and efficient.

The CloudAtlas platform spans the entire cloud migration lifecycle, provides insight into legacy systems and automates and facilitates migration at cloud scale that manual processes and on-premises tools just can't support. CloudAtlas has been tested and proven to accelerate even the largest and most complex migration scenarios helping users get to the cloud quickly, securely and in compliance. CloudAtlas follows multiple cloud adoption frameworks and has a solution to expedite every step of the cloud migration journey.

Use CloudAtlas to navigate the journey to the cloud

cloud migration journey

Identify and inventory on-premise resources to plan where cloud migration should start.

cloud migration journey

Migrate quickly and efficiently with flexible, powerful tools ensuring minimal business disruption.

cloud migration strategy

Streamline resources to improve performance, maximize ROI, and maintain compliance.

azure migrate tool

Fine tune resources to strengthen security and gain oversight of analytics and cloud usage.

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Awards & Achievements

UnifyCloud was born in the cloud with the development of the CloudAtlas platform to facilitate rapid adoption, secure deployment and effective management of workloads and custom applications to the cloud.

CloudAtlas spans the entire cloud migration journey - infrastructure assessment, app and data modernization, dependency analysis, migration planning, landing zone creation, workplace modernization, and management of cost, security, governance, risk management and compliance.

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