Cloud adoption can unlock business potential, improve agility, reduce costs, and increase security; but you must plan your cloud migration properly to realize these benefits. CloudAtlas can help you develop a strategy and plan to get to the cloud quickly, efficiently, and effectively.
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Quickly develop a cloud migration strategy and roadmap with CloudAtlas​

  • • Understand infrastructure, migration options, effort and cost​
  • • Establish an infrastructure foundation – virtualization, private or hybrid cloud
  • • Choose the optimal path for each workload – IaaS, PaaS or SaaS​
  • • Right-size and optimize workloads for
  • • Define your services
  • • Align policies with business units
  • • Build a strong business case that becomes a reality
Use CloudAtlas to understand your current environment and develop a cloud migration STRATEGY tailored to your needs. Then utilize that strategy to develop a PLAN to get you to the cloud in a timely, cost effective, and secure way.​
managed cloud services


Utilize UnifyCloud’s CloudAtlas platform to quickly assess current infrastructure to determine cloud readiness, survey numerous cloud migration options, and arrive at the best strategy based on business goals, timelines and budget. Tailor that strategy to create a business case that is right-sized, scales with the business, works within budget, and maximizes return on investment.​

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With a strategy in place, focus on the how and when of the cloud migration journey – developing a roadmap for the future with consideration for the state of cloud readiness, the level of effort to remediate or modernize workloads, and security, cost optimization, and regulatory compliance (GRC) needs.​
CloudAtlas has you covered from a straight-forward lift and shift to a full modernization, providing the data and insights needed to prioritize the phases of migration – from moving cloud-ready applications and databases, to migrating specific application components or services while re-factoring takes place.​