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CloudAtlas Office 365 is an analytical reporting tool for Office 365 and associated technologies such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Skype, Active Directory, Exchange, and Yammer. Perhaps you have heard before, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”. Office 365 does not provide the level of detail or insight required to effectively manage, monitor, or optimize the environment. The Office 365 admin center was never designed for efficient administration of an enterprise organization. To manage and monitor a large number of users with the standard tools is simply impossible. Instead, companies should utilize a holistic solution that enables their business to perform the following:

Cost Control & License Management
Security & Compliance Monitoring
Advanced Analytics & Reporting

By using tools and automating some of these tasks, time commitments of IT Administrators can be greatly reduced.

CloudAtlas Office 365 is an all-in-one reporting solution for Office 365 that can help reduce costs associated with administration, license distribution, and service optimization. Make data driven decisions with our reports and dashboards by helping you identify unused services, manage security and compliance, and measure return on investment. Identify unused licenses and analyze how your Office 365 services are being used to save on money or justify expenses. Increase utilization of Office 365 technologies and replace redundant services.

Quickly discover and audit your settings, permissions, storage and usage for security and compliance. Reduce the risk of the sharing of sensitive information by understanding your users’ activities including file modifications, login attempts, password changes, mailbox usage, habits and more. Find out library and folder sharing rights to ensure users have the information they need – and are restricted from the files they don’t. Even see where storage is being consumed and locate redundant or outdated files.
Take control of your investment in Office 365, track purchased licenses versus utilization, and monitor and optimize your environment to reduce costs and spend. Are the accounts you provisioned even being used? Are users actually using their Premium accounts or can they be adjusted?

CloudAtlas Office 365 allows you to simply track and optimize unused components and helps you maximize ROI. These tools allow you to stay focused on developing client relationships, growing your business, and managing your employees. To scale your businesses properly, you need to implement a robust IT infrastructure quickly and easily. Without the aid of tools, you will find managing Office 365 to be a time-consuming and arduous task.

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