UnifyCloud shared an Enterprise Azure Migration success stories at Microsoft Inspire Conference in D.C.

UnifyCloud shared an Enterprise Azure Migration success stories at Microsoft Inspire Conference in D.C.

Wanted to thank Scott Woodgate and Melanie Maynes for the opportunity to share an Enterprise Azure Migration customer case study at Inspire that highlighted integration with Azure Security Center. The Case Study was included as part of Session CE512 “Grow your cloud revenue with Microsoft Azure management and security offerings” on Monday, July 10th at Microsoft Inspire Partner Conference in D.C.

UnifyCloud shared a customer success story from an Enterprise cloud migration project, using CloudSupervisor® Azure with a particular focus on Monitoring and Reporting of Security, Regulatory Compliance and Cost Control in the Cloud. The customer is part of a heavily regulated industry, and had very specific demanding requirements to ensure regulatory compliance was enforced, and that the security controls were comprehensive.

For context, at the initial meeting we had with the customer CISO several months ago, the CISO stated that they had no plans to migrate to the cloud due to concerns about Security, Regulatory Compliance and Cost control in the cloud. One of the key drivers for the customer to change their mind, and proceed with the migration of workloads to Azure, was the “Better Together” integration of the Azure Security Center and DevOps Toolkit as part of a “single pane of glass”. This integration complemented the existing capabilities of CloudSupervisor Azure Regulatory Compliance, Cost controls, and Security Reporting capabilities. With the confidence gained from successfully using CloudSupervisor, the customer is now planning to migrate 50% of their workloads to Azure in the next 24 months using CloudAtlas.

Below are two pictures from the presentation, including one of the slides with a screenshot of the dashboard highlighting the integration of Azure Security Center and the DevOps dashboard as part of CloudSupervisor. This is an example of leveraging Azure Security Center as part of managed services offering that helped to close a significant opportunity with the customer. One key learning has been that including Azure Security Center as part of a Managed Service offering will likely accelerate that sales cycle by addressing any customer objections relating to Security concerns in the cloud.

Cloudsupervisor Azure Monitoring Tool Security

Note, I want to categorically state for the record that I am actually not asleep at the podium in the second picture. As for the audience, well, that is a different matter altogether… ?

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