Accelerate business innovation and reduce costs by moving to the cloud

The challenges of on-premises datacenters are well documented – high fixed costs and difficulty scaling resources cost effectively are just a couple. The static nature of physical datacenters can often leave organizations in a tight spot when trying to manage the ebb and flow of business – something that is painfully evident in the current COVID-19 environment – as they are just not equipped to dynamically scale up and down as business demands change.

Poor scalability. Business continuity concerns. Rigid resource demands. Those are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the downsides of on-premises datacenters in the age of cloud computing.  Just as important, moving datacenters to the cloud has myriad benefits – increased agility, lower TCO, improved access, and better disaster recovery to name a few. And creating a foundation in the cloud can ease modernization of other workloads and applications for competitive advantage in the cloud and leveraging the latest innovations and services, such as Big Data Analytics, IoT, etc.

But for companies still entrenched in physical datacenters, the thought of a cloud migration can be overwhelming and daunting. With the right partner though, a cloud migration can be easy and seamless—and a smart investment in future-proofing an organization.

Simplifying migration: Microsoft Azure and UnifyCloud

Microsoft Azure enables you to migrate efficiently on your own terms because it’s:

  • Cost-effective – Optimize your costs and save money by only using what you need. Don’t waste resources maintaining underutilized parts of your infrastructure. –
  • Guided by specialists – Best practices, expert guidance, and cost optimization tools enable you to migrate your workloads with confidence
  • Hybrid environment ready – Migrate workloads at your own pace, minimizing business interruption; hybrid environments allow you to test critical workloads in the cloud while leaving the rest on-premises
  • Flexible as you grow – Scale your workloads and applications on-demand, and increase agility with best-in-class Azure infrastructure
  • Streamlining operations – Reduce operational burden with fully managed Azure application and database services

Working with UnifyCloud, you’ll have the advantage of our proprietary platform that enables rapid assessment of your infrastructure, applications, and databases to help make your Azure migration and modernization go quickly and smoothly. We’ve been recognized as the 2020 Microsoft Solution Assessment Partner of the Year, and we have more than 100 system integrator partners standing by to scale delivery.

Migration in real life: See how an insurance firm increased agility and reduced business risk by moving from on-premises to the Azure cloud

A large Global 100 life insurance group with more than 50,000 agents worldwide wanted to reduce infrastructure overhead and mitigate business risk by migrating its on-premises datacenter to the cloud and modernizing many of its business critical legacy applications.

UnifyCloud’s CloudRecon migration assessment solution, which delivers detailed technical analysis of the readiness of on-premises IT environments to move to the cloud, was used to analyze and evaluate the company’s infrastructure. After reviewing and approving the findings, the company moved forward with a plan to migrate its on-premises datacenter to Azure and to modernize its apps and databases to Azure PaaS and SQL MI.

An example of CloudPilot’s code assessment speed vs manual review

The timeframe from beginning of assessment to start of migration was less than 10 weeks, with a total of 83 applications assessed and identified for migration. The actual migration process was completed in less than 24 months, and yielded results of:

  • 69% reduction in overhead resulting from migration to Azure
  • $4.8M reduction in datacenter costs in Year One
  • $15M reduction in datacenter costs by Year Three

Learn more about this case study. [Link to full case study]

Always on, always secure, and always ready for tomorrow

With Azure cloud migration, it’s easy to establish a future-ready stance, with cost-effective, on-demand scalability; databases that are always up to date; and innovative, always-on managed services. Cloud-native security keeps your data safe, analyzing and blocking trillions of evolving threats daily. You’ll save money by reusing your current on-premises Windows and SQL Server licenses on Azure, and the high-availability and disaster recovery capabilities will help you avoid business interruptions that can be both dangerous and costly.

Go questions about Azure migration? We’re happy to answer questions, or help you design your migration strategy. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today!