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Optimize Your Cloud Environment

Optimization Assessment

The journey does not stop once you get the cloud. Managing your cloud environment is just as important and is not limited to managing cloud spend alone. To get the most out of your cloud, you should monitor and manage cost, governance, risk, and compliance. UnifyCloud's CloudAtlas platform can help you manage your cloud environment, and we'd like to show you how with a free optimization assessment.

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What is it?

  • A FREE cloud environment snapshot from an Azure Modernization and Migration Partner to evaluate your environment for cost, security, and/or governance optimization.
  • Use this assessment to continue your optimization efforts and ensure you're getting the most from your cloud.

How does it work?

  • Identify the aspects of your environment you want to evaluate
  • Run UnifyCloud's CloudAtlas platform
  • Perform optimization analysis after 30 days
  • Get a snapshot of your current optimization status and possible savings
  • Develop and execute an optimization plan with a 90-day license
  • Get your cloud running efficiently and securely

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