Training Videos

CloudRecon Overview

Complete overview to determine the readiness of an enterprise to move to the Cloud, providing detailed technical analysis on your entire on-premises IT environment including VMs, Physical Servers, Databases and Client machines.

CloudRecon Onboarding Demo

Learn how to download and access CloudRecon

CloudPilot Overview

Overview of deep and detailed analysis of applications and their readiness to migrate to a Cloud environment.

CloudPilot Onboarding Demo

How to view demo and how to activate trial account

CloudPilot Product Download

Overview of deep and detailed analysis of applications and their readiness to migrate to a Cloud environment.

CloudPilot How to get license

How to activate your CloudPilot subscription

CloudPilot Cost Estimation

Use CloudPilot to accurately forecast TCO and ROI that can be found from migrating to the Cloud

CloudPilot FAQ

Q1. Is adding the .sln file the only way to add application in CloudPilot?

Ans: No, there are two options. Either you give the location of .sln file or the location of the folder containing the projects of your application.

Q2. What type of application is CloudPilot?

Ans: CloudPilot is a desktop application .It runs on Windows platform.

Q3. Do I need to add database or application dependency when scanning an application?

Ans: It depends upon the type of your application. If your application does not use any database or any dependency the you need not add them. Just add your application and scan it. Add database or dependency if your application is uses/dependent on them.

Q4. Where will I find the recommendation report?

Ans: When you upload the assessment report from the CloudPilot tool to the CloudPilot portal you have to perform analysis on that application. (Only after performing) Then after you perform analysis you can see the recommendation report.

Q5. Can I install CloudPilot on Windows 8?

Ans: Yes you can install CloudPilot tool on Windows 8 or later. For Windows 7 you will have to click the download button for Windows 7.

Q6. Will the CloudPilot work if I do not have internet connectivity?

Ans: For scanning, you do not need internet connectivity but to upload the assessment report you will require internet connectivity with an average internet speed. (speed of …..limit and above?)

Q7. What is datapoint that is shown in assessment report?

Ans: Datapoints are found in application, database or application dependency which are obtained after scanning. They represent that section of your applicaton, database or dependency which is not supported in Azure.

Q8. How do decide whether to add application in application section/part or application dependency Section since they appear to be same?

Ans: If your application is standalone meaning it does not depend on any other application or API or any other services then you add the application in application section. If your application is such that some other application is dependent on it then add it as a dependency and then application dependent on it will be added as application.

Q9. Does CloudPilot make any changes to the application or databases that are scanned?

Ans:  No, the CloudPilot does not make any kind of changes to your application. It simply scans your application, database and then generates the assessment report.

Q10. Do I have to pay in order to use CloudPilot?

Ans: No, CloudPilot is totally free of cost. You do not have to pay any amount to use it.

Q11. What is the size limit of application or database to scan?

Ans: There is no size limit as such but if the size is large, it will take more time to scan.

Q12. Can I scan classic ASP application?

Ans: Yes, you can scan classic ASP application. Or anyother

Q13. Do user need to be system administrator in order to scan database?

Ans: Yes, the user needs to be a system administrator.

Q14. Can I scan both application and database together?

Ans: No, presently you cannot scan both application and database together. You have to perform individual assessment procedure.

CloudSupervisor Azure Overview

How to view demo and how to activate trial account

CloudSupervisor Office 365 Overview

Complete overview of dashboards having details of License Purchased, License Consumed, Mailboxes in an Organisation, SharePoint Usage, OneDrive Usage and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) & Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) issues

CloudOrigin Overview

Overview of the product underlying Cloud Services settings repository and Cloud knowledgebase that underpins the CloudAtlas® suite