UnifyCloud’s expertise with Movere tool earns company Gold Partner status

Partnership also expands to include global support with the Movere Center of Excellence

REDMOND, WASH., Sept. 25, 2018: UnifyCloud, a rapidly growing global cloud solutions provider that specializes in accelerating migration to the cloud with a focus on cybersecurity, compliance and cost management, is proud to announce it is expanding on its partnership with Movere and now provides global support through the Movere Center of Excellence.

The in-depth analysis of UnifyCloud’s CloudRecon, coupled with the Movere tool, allows for deeper analysis into potential cloud migration. Due to demand for CloudRecon’s built-in deep analysis capabilities, the service is offered globally through UnifyCloud’s Movere Center of Excellence and supported 24×7, with operations centers in Redmond, Wash., and New Delhi, India.

Movere’s sophisticated data collection technology is deployed in a customer’s environment to collect basic IT infrastructure information from Windows servers, Windows client machines, SQL servers and other devices. Movere provides performance metrics for all of the devices and elements in the IT infrastructure, defining actual resource consumption (ARC).

ARC allows partners such as UnifyCloud to conduct deep analysis into the potential for cloud migration, and the Movere tool can be used to supply all the data that CloudRecon requires for its in-depth analytics.

“CloudRecon and Movere have a great deal of close synergy that allows us to very quickly determine opportunities for Microsoft cloud migration — this could be Azure or Office 365 — and it’s our deftness with the Movere tool that sets us apart,” UnifyCloud’s managing director Norm Barber said.

“UnifyCloud’s ability to provide actionable insights with Movere’s rich and powerful data as the first phase of a data center migration plan to Azure is what sets them apart in their ability to help the Movere customer best migrate to the cloud,” Movere chief revenue officer Roger Frey said.

“One example of how this partnership is successful is we worked with a company in New York to provide a cloud solution assessment. We were hired by Microsoft to utilize the Movere tool, conduct our CloudRecon in-depth analysis, and develop an Azure migration strategy for the customer,” Barber added.

“This particular customer agreed to sign an Azure commitment and we believe that CloudRecon’s solution assessment analysis, using the Movere tool data, provided the customer with the confidence to do that. The next step is that our migration team, using our tool CloudPilot, will migrate all that infrastructure to Azure.”

“Movere is rapidly expanding globally and our partnership with UnifyCloud and the global support they provide through their worldwide center of excellence allows us to further continue on our path of accelerated growth,” Frey said.

About Movere: Movere is a SaaS platform that captures, integrates and analyzes the data you need to make smart decisions about your IT environment. Movere increases business intelligence by accurately presenting entire IT environments, which could be located around the world, within a single day. Discover, prepare for the cloud, and optimize with confidence as your organization grows and changes, regardless of platform, application or geography.

About UnifyCloud: UnifyCloud helps its partners reduce the complexity and risk of cloud migration with the CloudAtlas suite of products. CloudAtlas spans the entire cloud migration journey and assesses, migrates and optimizes, monitors and provides compliance baselines for a cloud environment. UnifyCloud is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloud Solution Provider. UnifyCloud was ranked #353 in Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies.

For more information, contact Vickie Gilmer at press@unifycloud.com or visit www.unifycloud.com.