UnifyCloud announces CloudAtlas tools support for SQL Managed Instance

CloudAtlas now includes support for industry leading SQL MI Consolidation

REDMOND, WA., September 18, 2019: UnifyCloud, a rapidly growing global Cloud solutions provider that specializes in accelerating migration to the Cloud with a focus on cybersecurity, compliance and cost control, announces that its CloudAtlas tools now support SQL Managed Instance (SQL MI). This further extends CloudAtlas’ industry leading capabilities for modernization and migration of apps, data and infrastructure to Azure PaaS.

Managed Instance is a resource type in SQL Database that streamlines the migration of SQL Server workloads and combines the best of SQL Server with the benefits of a fully managed database service. Customers can migrate their on-premise SQL Server workloads to Azure with minimal changes, resulting in faster migration. At the same time, Managed Instance preserves all PaaS capabilities – automatic patching and version updates, automated backups, high-availability – that drastically reduces IT Support, management overhead and Total Cost of Ownership. End-of-Support SQL 2008 databases can be moved quickly, as can the latest SQL Server on-premises (Enterprise Edition) Database Engine.

“UnifyCloud’s CloudRecon solution helps customers quickly analyze their on-premises data estate and provides detailed recommendations for migration to SQL PaaS or IaaS based on actual performance data. And now CloudRecon automatically recommends SQL MI consolidation to further reduce costs of migrating data to Azure” said Vivek Bhatnagar, UnifyCloud CTO.
“With this release, we continue to assist companies and partners in identifying the optimal path to modernize their data estate in Azure and reduce costs.”

“CloudPilot includes database migration fitness reports to SQL VMs, SQL Azure and SQL MI. The reports detail recommendations on database changes for VMs, SQL Azure and SQL MI, along with estimates of the amount of developer effort and time remediation will take, as well as detailed cost analysis” added Bhatnagar. “This helps customers and partners quickly understand the benefits of migration to SQL MI.”

About UnifyCloud: UnifyCloud helps its partners reduce complexity and risk with the CloudAtlas suite of tools. CloudAtlas spans the entire cloud migration journey and assesses, migrates and optimizes, monitors and provides compliance baselines for a cloud environment. UnifyCloud is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner, Cloud Solution Provider and one of Inc. 500’s fastest-growing companies.

For more information, contact Mark Erhart press@unifycloud.com or visit https://www.unifycloud.com/.