CloudAtlas helps you modernize Oracle environments to PostgreSQL

CloudAtlas supports migration of Oracle databases to PostgreSQL in the cloud

REDMOND, WASH, July 21st, 2022: UnifyCloud a rapidly growing information technology and cloud solutions provider with a focus on providing safe, secure, and compliant cloud migration and modernization at an accelerated pace, supports moving Oracle database environments to PostgreSQL open-source technology in the cloud.

On-premises Oracle environments are cumbersome and costly to maintain so we’ve innovated the CloudAtlas platform to provide the analytics and insights to develop a migration strategy to modernize your Oracle environment to PostgreSQL on Azure. This provides organizations the benefits of open-source technology and PostgreSQL, including high availability, scalability, performance tuning capabilities, industry-leading security, and access to a large development community for continuous improvement.

CloudAtlas generates a detailed recommendation based on automated analysis of Oracle environments to provide a clear path to PostgreSQL on Azure with level of effort and costs for compute, storage, and hosting options. You can then use this guidance to make the required changes, configure your Azure environment and migrate all within the CloudAtlas platform. CloudAtlas also ensures your PostgreSQL environment adheres to best practices to run reliably and effectively in Azure.

“PostgreSQL is one of the most advanced open-source databases so migrating your Oracle environment to PostgreSQL can modernize your IT environment while giving you access to all the benefits the cloud has to offer.” notes Vivek Bhatnagar, UnifyCloud co-founder and CTO. “CloudAtlas makes this migration fast and easy with advanced automation and expert analysis that facilitates and accelerates the process and decision-making. We know our users will want to take advantage of the opportunity to modernize from Oracle to PostgreSQL on Azure.”

About UnifyCloud:

UnifyCloud was born in the cloud with the creation of the CloudAtlas platform to accelerate the modernization and migration of infrastructure, workloads, applications, and databases to the cloud. Built on Azure PaaS, CloudAtlas spans the entire cloud migration journey, assessing, migrating, and optimizing to Azure. UnifyCloud has been recognized as a finalist for the 2022 Microsoft Worldwide Migration to Azure Partner of the Year Award and the 2021 Microsoft Worldwide Modernizing Applications Partner of the Year Award, winner of the 2020 Microsoft Worldwide Solution Assessment Partner of the Year Award, and is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner, Cloud Solution Provider, Azure Data PAC member, IP Cosell Partner, and previously named one of Inc. 500’s fastest-growing Private Companies. For more information, contact or visit