CloudAtlas enhancements improve migration planning and implementation

REDMOND, WASH, Mar 9, 2023 UnifyCloud, a global ISV and cloud solutions provider focused on accelerating and managing digital transformation and modernization, including infrastructure analysis, app and data modernization, cybersecurity, compliance, and cost in the cloud, announces updates to the CloudAtlas platform to better inform workload prioritization and migration wave planning that further simplify and speed digital transformation.

UnifyCloud has updated the award-winning CloudAtlas platform to make it even easier to navigate the journey to the cloud. New workload priority and wave planning dashboards and visualizations give you a high-level graphical overview of infrastructure details in an easy-to-digest format to guide 5R (rehost, refactor, rearchitect, rebuild, replace) decision-making and migration planning including grouping workloads into groups and waves to accelerate and ease migration while minimizing downtime and risk. While these visualizations simplify communication of options and recommendations, all the analytical detail is still there for drill-downs, customization and adjustment as needed.

The workload priority dashboard helps organizations prioritize their workloads based on factors such as business impact, complexity, and risk with at-a-glance data on VM migration options and recommendations with progressive levels of detail available as needed. This information can then be used to create a migration plan that focuses on the most critical workloads first.

The wave planning dashboard helps organizations plan and manage the migration process by breaking it down into smaller, manageable stages or “waves.” This allows for a systematic, or gradual, migration of workloads to the cloud, reducing the risk and operational impact of the migration. The wave planning dashboard provides a visual representation of the migration process and helps track the progress of each wave to help users confidently plan and execute seamless modernization and cloud migration.

“Our goal with CloudAtlas is to simplify the cloud migration process and empower users to get the most out of their cloud investments, and these enhancements help on both of these fronts.” said UnifyCloud CTO and co-founder Vivek Bhatnagar. “With the workload priority and wave planning dashboards, CloudAtlas includes features such as 5R analysis for infrastructure, application, and data modernization which provide a comprehensive overview of the migration options available, helping users make informed decisions about how to approach cloud migration. Whether the choice is to rehost, refactor or rearchitect applications or data, CloudAtlas provides the platform achieve these objectives with confidence.”

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About UnifyCloud:

UnifyCloud was born in the cloud with the creation of the CloudAtlas platform to accelerate the modernization and migration of infrastructure, workloads, applications, and databases to the cloud. Built on Azure PaaS, CloudAtlas spans the entire cloud migration journey, assessing, migrating, and optimizing to Azure. UnifyCloud has been recognized three consecutive years as a Microsoft Partner of the Year honoree – 2022 Migration to Azure finalist, 2021 Modernizing Applications finalist and 2020 Solution Assessment winner – and is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner, Cloud Solution Provider, Azure Data PAC member, IP Cosell Partner, and previously named one of Inc. 500’s fastest-growing Private Companies. For more information, contact or visit