CloudAtlas Revolutionizes Cloud Migration with Automated Application and Database Remediation for PaaS Modernization

REDMOND, WASH, September 27, 2023 UnifyCloud, a global ISV and cloud solutions provider focused on simplifying and accelerating digital transformation, including infrastructure analysis, app and data modernization, cybersecurity, compliance, and cost in the cloud, announces new CloudAtlas functionality that automates application and database remediation to accelerate PaaS modernization as part of its mission to accelerate cloud migration.

Adding to UnifyClouds robust, award-winning CloudAtlas platform that provides insights into migration options, costs, tasks, level of effort, recommended migration path, code changes required for modernizing apps and data, CloudAtlas now uses advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the implementation of application and database remediation recommendations to speed application and database modernization. With this update, CloudAtlas reads information from existing cloud subscriptions, landing zones and custom resources to apply correct application settings to its analysis of code and schema changes required to provide replacement code as part of the remediation and modernization process.

CloudAtlas allows engineers and architects to accelerate remediation by providing existing code and modernized code in a side-by-side view with changes highlighted. These changes can be accepted, edited, or rejected, significantly speeding up the remediation process. Once all code has been reviewed, CloudAtlas compiles the changes and generates a script to update the code for seamless remediation and modernization. This functionality revolutionizes cloud migration by speeding up remediation by up to 80%, reducing barriers to PaaS modernization while simplifying, accelerating, and democratizing digital transformation in the process.

Simplification: Traditional software applications often need modifications to adapt to the cloud-native PaaS environments. However, manually refactoring or rearchitecting code can be complex and time-consuming. CloudAtlas automated remediation simplifies this process by using sophisticated AI/ML capabilities to identify code patterns and apply the necessary changes automatically, reducing or eliminating the need for manual intervention and the chance for human error, streamlining the overall modernization process.

Acceleration: Manual code refactoring can be a significant bottleneck in the migration process, requiring months of effort, tying up valuable resources and slowing transformation. By automating code remediation, organizations can achieve faster migration. CloudAtlas can analyze large codebases and identify and apply needed transformations, leading to quicker modernization efforts. This acceleration enables businesses to achieve their digital transformation goals within shorter timeframes to gain a competitive edge.

Democratization: One of the key advantages of automated code remediation is that it democratizes the cloud migration process. Traditionally, code remediation to prepare for cloud migration required specialized skills and expertise, limiting the pool of individuals who could contribute to the effort. With automated tools, even developers without deep cloud expertise can participate in the code modernization process. Now organizations can leverage their existing talent pool more effectively and distribute the workload, leading to improved collaboration and efficiency.

By simplifying, accelerating and democratizing digital transformation, CloudAtlas enables companies to do more with less – fewer technical resources are required, chance for human error is minimized, engagements move faster, and better business cases can be built for PaaS modernization. All of this frees resources to focus on strategic activities like consulting efforts, service delivery, migration, and serving more clients to help the business grow.

“First, we revolutionized automated cloud assessments with static code analysis. Now we’ve revolutionized app and database remediation. Striking a perfect balance between automation and control, CloudAtlas automated remediation simplifies and speeds the modernization process. This allows companies to pursue PaaS with less effort and more confidence than ever before,” said UnifyCloud CTO and co-founder Vivek Bhatnagar. “Building this capability was quite a challenge, but we’ve developed a solution that gives CloudAtlas users control over the process while significantly accelerating remediation to break down barriers to entry for PaaS cloud migration and true digital transformation”.

“We are seeing considerable demand from partners interested in leveraging the end-to-end automated migration of CloudAtlas to create Cloud Migration Factories for simpler and faster migrations and help them serve their clients better,” notes UnifyCloud CEO and co-founder Marc Pinotti. “No other platform in the marketplace automates as much of the modernization process as CloudAtlas. Automated remediation is an example of UnifyCloud’s investment into innovation to deliver better and faster modernization and digital transformation.”

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UnifyCloud was born in the cloud with the creation of the CloudAtlas platform to accelerate the modernization and migration of infrastructure, workloads, applications, and databases to the cloud. CloudAtlas?spans the entire cloud migration journey, assessing, migrating, and optimizing to Microsoft and Google clouds. UnifyCloud is a Google Advantage Partner and Microsoft Solution Partner, has been recognized four consecutive years as a Microsoft Partner of the Year honoree 2023 Modernizing Applications finalist, 2022 Migration to Azure finalist, 2021 Modernizing Applications finalist and 2020 Solution Assessment winner and is an Azure Migrate and Modernize (AMM) Partner, Cloud Solution Provider, and was previously named one of Inc. 500s fastest-growing Private Companies. For more information contact, or visit