Offshore Development Center provides companies of all sizes increased productivity and reducde operating expenses by leveraging offshore development resources. As executed by UnifyCloud, ODC is an effective tool to provide you with greater visibility and predictability into the software development process. UnifyCloud is the right ODC partner for the Global 100. Let us apply our expertise to solving your business and technical challenges.

UnifyCloud provides three flexible business models for our customers:

  • Dedicated Team
  • Time & Materials
  • Fixed Cost Bids

UnifyCloud’s blueprint for successful offshore development begins with a deep understanding of the customers requirements:

Review & Assess Business Requirements

  • UnifyCloud meets with you to review your specific business requirements

Writing & Review of Functional specification

  • Once there is a thorough understanding of requirements and software capabilities, UnifyCloud writes a Functional specification
  • The functional specification clearly states how the application or POC will operate

Review & Approval of Functional specification

  • Business and IT owners review and agree to the functional specification
  • All parties sign an approval form for work to begin

Technical Specification written

  • UnifyCloud converts the functional specification into a technical specification by detailing the technical solution necessary to meet each business requirement. The technical specification must detail the technical solution such that a developer can generate an accurate solution. DC&M’s technical specification template ensures that all pertinent information is captured as it relates to the functional specification.

Review of Technical Specification

  • Technical Specification is distributed to the project team for formal review
  • Review with all key players including Program Manager, Technical Lead and Developers
  • Everyone must agree that the technical specification is feasible and that it documents the technical requirements and proposed solution
  • All parties sign an approval in order to launch development


  • Development begins pursuant to the technical specification document
  • Program Manager maintains contact with the project team
  • Agile and Scrum methodologies are followed for development
  • Mock-ups and Prototypes are developed and reviewed prior to coding to clarify requirements
  • Changes in specification requirements go through the change control process


  • Rigorous testing ensures the development meets requirements and performs as specified in the technical specification.

Perform Quality & Security Review

  • Code and documentation are forwarded to review the code for quality and efficiency
  • Ensures proper documentation
  • Iterative process of testing and feedback, if problems with the code, sent back to the development team for necessary corrections
  • Deliverable is delivered to the customer for beta testing prior to final delivery

Deliver Solution

  • After the development has been Beta tested, additional changes may be made

Perform Functional Review & Final Approval

  • Team thoroughly tests the deliverable to ensure it works as outlined in the functional specification
  • Errors or unexpected behaviors are documented and communicated to the developer
  • Deliverable is handed off to the customer for approval

Next Steps

  • Discuss Support and Maintenance, Knowledge Transfer, etc.